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We are incredibly proud of our volunteer consultants and industry advisors who have dedicated their time and innovative minds to our organization and the non-profit community. 



"UCG was a time of tremendous growth for me and my experience with the organization as a consultant, team lead and then as a chapter executive enriched my academic as well as professional career. I found one-on-one feedback sessions with my industry advisors to be the most impactful - areas of strengths and opportunities for improvement noted in those sessions are still things I think about today on the job!"

             - Annie Peng, UCG Consultant 2017

"I was encouraged to apply to UCG by an industry professional and it was one of the best decisions I made as UCG was a career-defining experience for me. The knowledge I gained and the lessons I learned by working closely with the client gave me a lot of exposure to the industry. The best part, however, was the immeasurable amount of fun I had while working along my teammates from all different academic backgrounds."

             - Ravi Rekhi, UCG Consultant 2018


"I joined UCG to explore different career paths within my field on study such as consulting. I had the most amazing experience consulting for a not for profit and providing them with tangible solutions to relieve real life social issues. My engagement at UCG has inspired me to pursue a career in consulting and has also sparked my interests in working to support local not for profits."

      - Safiyyah Idroos, UCG Consultant 2018

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