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Here are some commonly asked questions from non-profit organizations who are considering to engage with us.

Who is eligible?

If you are a registered nonprofit or charity and face a strategic challenge, our client team is happy to have a chat with you regarding a potential collaboration. Send us a message today to discuss!

How can UCG help my organization?

UCG was founded to help nonprofits with their strategic challenges. Since 2015, we have covered a broad range of strategic projects including; financial stability, branding and marketing strategies, organizational structure, growth plans, membership programs, volunteer management, business model design to name a few. Learn more: here.

If you are not sure if your project suites our mandate, you can always reach out to consult with UCG’s client team to not only talk about a potential collaboration but also discover other opportunities that might help your organization! 

The projects are 10-weeks long for each engagement. However, if you have a broader project that can be divided into sub-projects, we can collaborate for more than one engagement.

How long are UCG projects?

How many times can you collaborate with UCG?

As many as you want! UCG is proud to have more than 90% client retention YoY! In recognition of our deep roots with many clients, we are now offering multi-phase projects. If you have needs that seem more intensive than a one-term engagement (10-weeks), let’s discuss how we can collaborate long-term to create value.

Does UCG serve a particular geographical area or type of non-profit?

We at UCG are determined to help the nonprofit industry wherever they are and whoever they serve! We absolutely have no geographical limitations as the technology for virtual connection is available. We have experience serving a client in the Middle East, which was a fruitful collaboration for both UCG and the client. The issues such as time difference can be solved with both parties’ flexibility and through clear communication.

We also have served a broad range of non-profit types including: ethnical and social groups, healthcare, educational, shelters, humanitarian organizations, film festivals, youth non-profits, women’s organizations, just to name a few.

Is there a monetary fee for our services?

UCG is 100% volunteer and pro bono non-profit. There are NO fees for the services we provide! After a successful engagement, satisfied clients are asked to opt-in as an advocate of UCG. This is completely optional but may include: referral to new clients, non-monetary support, and/or providing a written or video testimonial for our website and social media channels.

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